SPC (Statistical Process Control) Chart Management System: Provides interface to request changes to chart configurations with management approval routing. Ensures production system configurations match with approved changes.

Photo-lithography Scheduling System: Selects material for processing to minimize reticle pod changes and maximize Photo Stepper capacity.

Human Resources Data Acquisition Tools: Web-based tracking of Employee Time and Attendance performance as well as other information.

Equipment and WIP Monitoring Systems: Ability to monitor and alert associates based on Equipment and WIP thresholds through a web portal. Alerts sent via SMS, Email and beepers.

Product Management System: Controls all aspects of manufacturing configuration for products to be produced in a Semiconductor Wafer Fab. Designates the proper reticle masks to use, manufacturing process to follow, and more.

Fab Datawarehouse and Reporting: Holds data from the legacy MES and other homegrown systems. Invaluable for management’s financial and operations reports.

Collaborative Application Development Environment: Processes and tools to manage IT projects. Architected web-services to compartmentalize similar functions, and foster code re-use.

Factory Simulation Model and Supporting Software: Architecture for building up to date models of the factory. Output directly used by Autosched AP to produce results. Entire cycle completed by loading results to the Production database.

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