General Operations Practices
System Configuration Management: Manage changes to production control systems like Statistical Process Control, Product Configuration, Process Configuration. We ensure proper system configurations.

Document Control: Manage documentation change requests to ensure production to proper standards.

Datawarehousing: Architecting an optimal datawarehouse to meet Business Intellegence (BI) and Data Mining needs. Ensuring the least load on the On Line Transaction Processing (OLTP) system by using Replication Tools.

Semiconductor Manufacturing Practices
Factory Productivity Management: System simulations and capacity modeling. Scheduling for optimum throughput.

Dispatching for proper material selection to process, adhering to Least Slack and other algorithms.

Performance Reporting: Fab and Die; Wafer and Die yield performance, Cycletime, Equipment OEE, Moves, Cost Per Mask Layer, Wafer and Material Cost Analysis.

Engineering Analysis Systems: Administration and Perfomance Tuning for distributed data storage/access, and statistical analysis software.

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